Here you will find items that will help you to get the most out of your cannabis experience. We have personally tested every product reviewed here and provide only an honest assessment on its performance and value based on its cost.  Here you will find our top choices for grinders, vaporizers and other cannabis accessories.

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*$25 off!* – tCheck 2 – Testing the THC and CBD levels of your homemade cannabis infusions

UPDATED 03-19-19 The tCheck 2 has finally arrived! We put it through a few tests and the full results are below. Don’t have time? Here’s…

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*New!* Ghost MV1 portable convection vaporizer review – Matt Black MV1 Stealth Edition

Ghost MV1 portable convection vaporizer Updated 12-4-2018 Ghost Vapes has now introduced a new and improved version of the Ghost MV1! The new Matt Black MV1…

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Vaping CBD with the Ghost MV1

I recently obtained a sample of the high-CBD cannabis strain Elektra, a delicious cross between ACDC and ERB. These potent compact buds pack a whopping…

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Evergreen Complete Cannabis Storage Solution

Evergreen Storage Solution A complete cannabis storage system, the Evergreen jars maintain the ideal humidity levels to preserve the flavor and freshness of your flower.…

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Evergreen Pods cannabis humidifying capsule review

The Evergreen pod will keep your precious herb hydrated for years, and only requires an occasional recharge with regular drinking water. No other product on…

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