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Grease Monkey Raw Rosin








Strain Name: Grease Monkey

Type:  160-45µ Raw Rosin – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Lineage: Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies ‘n Cream

Cannabinoids: THC: 71%              CBD: .13%           Terpenes: 20%

Grower: Altitude Organic Medicine – Platte Location

The Look: Fresh out of the fridge this raw rosin gives the visual impression of an unassuming lump of pine sap. It was so dense that my dab tool barely was able to push its way through! Once it came to room temperature however it buttered up nicely, taking on the consistency of a nice firm beeswax which made taking smaller pieces off much easier.

The Smell: When I first opened the container, there was almost no detectable aroma at all. That changed immediately once I broke the lump in half; I was greeted with a deep earthy aroma topped off with a skunky finish and a gentle lingering sweetness. The earthy scent has quite a few layers of its own that makes this worthy of exploration!

The Taste: As I imagined, this had a nice earthy flavor that matched the olfactory profile perfectly. Gone was the skunkiness, replaced with a smooth smoked almond delight that lingers long after the party is over. This is a very flavorful rosin, especially if you like those dank earthy strains.

The Feels: For the first few minutes this almost felt like a Sativa but that deep, pulsating body buzz came on soon enough. Grease Monkey fared well against my aches and pains but just don’t expect to get anything done. Besides eating, I really had no desire to do much of anything except rest…and eat.

Did I mention the eating? This was one of the most munchie-inducing strains I have had in quite a while. If you are having issues with lack of appetite, Grease Monkey should be on your next strain-to-try list!

Overall: The Grease Monkey Raw Rosin from Altitude Organic Medicine (Platte) is an ideal strain for those with chronic pain and or loss of appetite. It is an extremely flavor packed and potent rosin that dabs nice and smooth. If you need potent pain medication and don’t mind having a lazy day, Grease Monkey may very well be for you!

Head on over to Altitude Organic Medicine (Platte) to find this amazing rosin!


Altitude Organic Medicine – Platte Ave
2354 E Platte Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80909
9:00am – 6:55pm 7 days a week



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