Ontarians to Follow For a Sound Perspective on our Current Weed Laws

If you live in Ontario and you’ve been following the news around how legal pot is playing out, you may have found yourself wondering, is this really, actually happening?

In an age of fake news, we have many reasons to approach the media with hefty skepticism, but the reality is: yes – Ontario did really hold a lottery system to select the businesses that will be responsible for running our legal pot dispensaries. And yes, the winners ended up being, in one instance, a couple hundred metres of each other in a tiny town. In other instances, lottery winners were, of course, people who had no experience in, or understanding of cannabis or its consumers.

The way pot legalization has been rolling out in our province is mind-boggling – and, obviously, the noise on social media around it is loud. For some, the shit show that is Ontario’s pot landscape is entertaining. For those who are invested in legal cannabis though – activists, entrepreneurs, the medical community – taking to social media to speak your mind is about solidarity and, well, justice. A few voices stand out amid the buzz. Follow these people to stay informed and stay sane while Ontario gets its shit together.


Abi has been innovating the cannabis lifestyle and tourism industry for 20 years. She’s the founder of Toronto’s first vape lounge, @HotBoxcafe as well as a handful of other retail operations. She’s dedicated her life to the freedom of cannabis consumers and the normalization (and now legalization) of cannabis. Follow her on Twitter for her wisdom.


For news and analysis of the cannabis industry, BOC is pretty much the most prolific source online. They showcase the companies, brands, people and trends driving the global cannabis industry in Canada and beyond. Sign up for their newsletter and stay up to date on all things Ontario cannabis news. Keep an eye on the hashtag #BofCLive on Twitter to catch their super informative live broadcast video interviews with industry leaders.


Chad is a Toronto-based partner, business lawyer and Registered Trademark Agent at Dale & Lessmann LLP who definitely has a way with words. Follow him on Twitter to be pointed toward relevant, timely articles and podcasts, and for his two cents on local news and cannabis branding.


The Founder and Chief Advocacy Officer at The Supreme Cannabis Company, John is a cannabis industry pioneer who’s spent more than a decade in the medical cannabis sector as a cultivator, influencer, patients-rights advocate and lawyer. He talks underground and legal weed in Canada and beyond on Twitter.

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This student / cannabis connoisseur is spearheading a grassroots student and youth organization (CSSDP – Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy) all about promoting sensible drug policies and honest drug education. She’s an up and comer whose Twitter feed is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


Follow this Toronto-based investor and business creator (Robes Cannabis, Emblem Corp, Levy Zavet PC) for smart perspectives on the local pot news, and also a good amount of lol-worthy memes. Because humour is the next best medicine.


Trina is an Ottawa-based Cannabis lawyer whose musings on the impact of Ontario’s journey with legalization has a knack for starting conversations. Take part, learn what you didn’t know you didn’t know.


Follow Corey if you’re looking to connect to other local influential voices in cannabis. He’s the founder of @RNMKRAgency, an award-winning cannabis communications agency based in Toronto. His tweets are all about building the cannabis community up. Follow for motivation.


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