Super Easy Cannabutter recipe using your Sous Vide – Part 2


Step 1: Ok here we go! First cut off approximately 12 inches from your bag roll and seal one end.

Step 2: Lightly grind your cannabis if using buds, no need to over do it. If you are using shake, just use it as it comes. The trichomes are on the outside of the plant, not the inside so grinding to a powder is totally unnecessary and will just require much more filtration.

Step 3: Place the cannabis into the bag and add your solid butter or oil. Adding your oil while in a solid state will make vacuum sealing it much easier.

Step 4: Vacuum seal at the top leaving the rest of bag empty for expansion.

Step 5: Fill a pot large enough to submerge your bag in with hot tap water.

Step 6: Insert your Sous Vide immersion cooker and set for 205 degrees.

Step 7: Submerge your bag into the water and clip to the side of the pot, you may need to weigh it down to keep it from floating. You can get a large zipper bag, place a few spoons in the bottom, and put your bag of goodies inside it to keep it from floating. Cover either with the Sous Vide Balls or aluminum foil.

Step 8: Set the timer on your Sous Vide for 1.5 hours. After time has expired, lower your temperature to 185 degrees and continue to cook for an additional 2.5 hours.

When finished, uncover and let it sit until cool to the touch. Use scissors to cut off a corner of the bag and squeeze the contents into your strainer lined with cheesecloth over a bowl.  Using a rubber spatula, scrape the bag against a flat surface like a squeegee to get all your product out. Press down on the mass using the spatula to squeeze the all the oil through the strainer.

Once you have pressed out the oil, put it in a sealed jar and store in a cool dark place. Use as desired.



If you are making your own infused oils then you MUST have the home THC testing equipment by TCheck! This amazing little machine tests your butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and alcohol based tinctures in less than 45 seconds. There is an additional accessory kit that you can purchase giving you the ability to test your flower or concentrates!

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The second fork you could have taken long ago is to first water cure your plant material. Water curing removes the water-soluble plant matter like chlorophyll before it gets infused into your oil. The results are a much cleaner and better tasting product.

Water curing your flower is easy! Simply take your fresh flower (or dried buds) and place them whole in a jar. Cover them with Reverse Osmosis water and let it sit for a few days in the refrigerator until the color no longer leeches out. Carefully change the water once it darkens to maximize osmosis.

Typically, this process can take 3-5 days, but the wait is worth it when using the material for an oil infusion. Once your material is no longer leeching color, drain the water and dry the material thoroughly. Another benefit of water curing is you are free to use the quick dry method of your choice to dry the flower after.


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I tried to sous vide in a mason jar, it broke, got advice here on that issue. Next problem I have (can you tell I’m very new to all of this?) is that I used a tcheck tester and my CBD oil came back at >15 THC, no numbers for CBD. The instrument only goes as high as 15 so that could be 16 or 98, who knows? So…I need to dilute, this is supposed to be CBD oil, not THC oil. What’s the best way to dilute? Just add the MCT oil (that’s what I used originally) to already… Read more »